SAYiWON'T OG Challenge Bracelet - Black

SAYiWON'T OG Challenge Bracelet - Black

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We brought back the OG Rubber Bracelet!  With the SAY i WON'T... AND i WiLL imprint, it is meant to challenge and inspire.

The Goal: Move the bracelet from your left wrist to your right wrist EVERYDAY. The move signifies the positive/ progressive thing you just did. The reasons to move the bracelet are varied and personal, but as long as it’s done as a result of a positive act, then it counts. Achieve a personal goal, open a door for a stranger, ace a test, refrain from a vice... Whatever your challenge, cause, or deed may be, it’s yours to choose and yours to accomplish.

The Mission: The SAYiWON’T ® Challenge bracelet reminds you to be a source of inspiration, creativity, and good deeds. Do something good and challenge yourself daily. -sayiwon’t ®

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